Welcome BFN&Co. Fans!
From this area you will be kept up-to-date on contests & promotions featured that you can participate in as well as new ideas for the Fan Club as this concept is further explored.
BFN&Co. appreciates all the support from the fans who love bluegrass music. Truly without the fans, there would be no point in getting on the stage and singing or playing at these events. The band would have to just stay home "and call it a day".  BFN&Co. feels very blessed for the outpouring of love the fans show.  The fans are more like a bunch of bluegrass family members.
The Fan Club is a new concept for BFN&Co. so if you want to share ideas to help make this a great fan club, please send me an email at teresa@barefootnellieandcompany.com

Teresa Smith
BFN&Co. Fan Club President

About Teresa

Teresa Smith is from Ooltewah, TN and is a long time fan of bluegrass music.  She is actually a southern gospel pianist, an organist, fiddler, guitarist and songwriter herself and has enjoyed singing her entire life.  She has played in two other local bluegrass bands in the past and is currently the guitarist and a vocalist for Barefoot Moonlighters.  She enjoys spreading the joy and love for this unique genre.  It is her hope that younger generations will develop a love for bluegrass and it will not become a lost art.  

Teresa first met August Bruce over thirteen years ago and has been a fan of BFN&Co. since August and Eric founded it in 2007.  She feels humbled and honored to be a small part of such a great team of musicians.