Bluegrass On The Plains - Bluegrass Idol Competition

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 7 PM Central Time
  We are excited that we have been accepted to join Auburn's Bluegrass On The Plains' awesome Bluegrass Band contest "Bluegrass Idol Competition"! 

Judges' vote counts 75% and the crowds' vote…


Our own Mike Broadway has been busy writing songs.  He has decided he wants one of you dedicated BFN&Co. Fans to name his instrumental for him!  
Contest Details are Below:

Name This Song!
  For a chance at…

Meet the newest members of Barefoot Nellie & Co.!

BFN&Co. is so excited to officially announce their three newest members. Behind the scenes along with Eric and August, they have been busy writing songs, picking together and working out harmony in preparation for the official debut and for…